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Water Pebble


Waterpebble senses the water flowing around it, so no need to switch it on and off
It automatically times your first shower then uses that as a benchmark for future showers
A series of soft flashing lights indicate how much time you are spending compared to the benchmark, when it flashes red your time is up!
Over a number of showers the time taken to reach the flashing red slowly reduces to 2/3rds of the original time, encouraging you to save water, energy and money.


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  • Ah, ok, thanks! once again you guys are on top of your game! Keep it up!
    - Hailey Bailey
  • @ecohausme you guys rock! thanks for remembering! She loved it! (especially getting it on time this year! lol!)
    - Heyley_Beyley
  • @ecohausme Haven! Stoked.
    - PeteBonham
  • @ecohausme How can i find information regarding your services?
    - brianfrench01
  • @ecohausme Thank you! Super helpful! Great community!
    - Heyley_Beyley